September 2019 Calendar

September is the 9th month in the Gregorian and Julian calendars, the 3rd of four months that has 30 days. September is also the 4th of five months to have less than thirty one days. September in the northern hemisphere is the seasons comparable of March in the South Hemisphere. September is also the 1st month of the Fall or Autumn season. This is also the month that celebrates Constitution week. Professional and American college start during this month as well. A lot of kids start the school year in September.

During the month of September, the normal high temps for most cities in the US range from 21 degrees Celsius in San Francisco to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix. In Philadelphia and New York, September is the most comfortable month wherein the temperature falls around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and during night time the temperature falls around 60 degree Fahrenheit. September is the busiest time for parents as they preparing their kids for school. Likewise, September is likewise the perfect time to venture to a new business. It is very important to keep things organized. You need to list down the things you want to accomplish and printable September 2019 calendar can help you a lot with regards to this matter.,

Blank September 2019 Calendar

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