May 2020 Calendar

May is the 5th month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, and named after Maia, a Greek goddess of fertility. In Northern Hemisphere, May is spring time while in Southern Hemisphere, May is a time of autumn. Initially the 3rd month of the year, May was moved to the 5th month when January and February were included to the calendar May consists of 31 days. Native American ethnic groups called May, The Corn Planting Moon, The Full Flower Moon or The Milk Moon. Some believed that getting married during this month is a bad luck, as it is considered the wedding month of Greek Goddess and it will be extremely impolite to upstage them.

There are lots of festivals and memorable events celebrated during this month. Aside from International Worker’s Day, May also houses few other days too. The second Sunday of the month is celebrated as IMD or International Mother’s Day. Last Monday of the month is celebrated as Memorial Day. May five is Cinco de Mayo and on the 1st Sunday, Kentucky Derby is celebrated. To know more about the events and galas celebrated during this month, it is highly advisable to have a printable custom May 2020 calendar. This will help you keep things organized and know the latest happenings during the month May.

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