January 2020 Calendar

January is the first month of the year, the month of Janus the Roman god of doors. It’s a name fitting for the month that opens up the New Year. Moreover, Janus represents all beginnings as well as being able to see all things in the past and the future.It’s perfect for January as it’s the month that makes you want to try something new – new hobby, new career, or new love. In the U.S., January is also the coolest month. During most of this month, the temperature is warm and cozy although there is occasional cold front.

It’s mostly rain but sometimes, there are occasional snowfalls to the northern region. Some parts of the state might also have tornado strikes during the month of January. However, the first month of the year is often generally comfortably warm or comfortably cool.Now that the holidays are over, January’s comfortable weather makes it the perfect time to go out and lose all the fat you’ve eaten during over Christmas and New Year. Weekend outdoors is also great during January because this month has many special events, annual festivals and celebrations at this time of the year.

Now to help you keep things organized, a printable custom calendar is a great help. Put an order for a custom January 2020 calendar with your planned activities printed on them. With your custom printable January calendar, it will be easier for you to check when’s the perfect time to go outdoors and have fun!

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