August 2020 Calendar

Originally the 10th month in the Roman calendar, the month of August was the 6th month with thirty days. It was originally called Sextilis. Octavian Augustus was rewarded by the Roman Senate a month in his nobility. Octavian was the founder and the 1st Roman Empire emperor and he chose Sextilis that under the Julian calendar was the 8th month with the insertion of January and February.

There are no certified holidays celebrated during the month of August 2020. On the other hand, that does not stop many Americans from taking a holiday. This is the busiest month in the US. Most Americans go to the beach to relax. Some do mountain hiking while some just stay at home to spend time with the family. National Parks is bombarded by many visitors during this month as well. High temp in August for much of the US range in the 80 to 90 F and 100 degree temps aren’t uncommon in the southeast and southwest.

Keep your August activities organized by means of ordering a printable August 2020 Calendar. You can customize your August calendar by means of including your planned activities. Thus, it will be easier to check when the best to spend your activities with the whole family is.

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