January 2020 Calendar

January is the first month of the year, the month of Janus the Roman god of doors. It’s a name fitting for the month that opens up the New Year. Moreover, Janus represents all beginnings as well as being able to see all things in the past and the future.It’s perfect for January as it’s the month that makes you want to try something new – new hobby, new career, or new love. In the U.S., January is also the coolest month. During most of this month, the temperature is warm and cozy although there is occasional cold front.

It’s mostly rain but sometimes, there are occasional snowfalls to the northern region. Some parts of the state might also have tornado strikes during the month of January. However, the first month of the year is often generally comfortably warm or comfortably cool.Now that the holidays are over, January’s comfortable weather makes it the perfect time to go out and lose all the fat you’ve eaten during over Christmas and New Year. Weekend outdoors is also great during January because this month has many special events, annual festivals and celebrations at this time of the year.

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February 2020 Calendar

February is the shortest month of the year. It was named after the Roman Februalia, a month-long festival of atonement and purification. February is usually only 28 days, but another day is added in leap years and it becomes 29 days. In 2020, February is 29 days. As such, it’s common for February to pass without a Full Moon. February is also the month of love. The 14th is Valentine’s Day and it’s a good time to show your loved ones just how much you care about them. February is also packed with holidays such as the Groundhog Day, which is celebrated on February 2.

If you are looking for a printable February calendar, you’ve come to the right place. You can download the calendar for free. The printable calendars are available in Image and PDF files. Simply click the “Print” button and that’s it. There are various designs to choose from, so you can get the one that suits your needs. The February calendar can be used to mark important seminar dates or events. You can also use it as a personal calendar or school calendar to record the exam timetable.

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March 2020 Calendar

March, the third month in the Julian calendar and modern Gregorian calendar, consists of 31 days. It was named after Mars, the Roman god of war. March is packed with holidays that are celebrated all over the world. One of these is Earth Hour, a worldwide movement created by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). Communities, businesses and individuals are encouraged to turn off electric lights for an hour. The event started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia and since then, it has spread to over 7,000 towns and cities around the world. Women’s History Month is also celebrated in the United States, Australia as well as United Kingdom in March.

You can download a printable March calendar to mark important events and dates for the month. This way, you won’t forget an event or task that you need to do. Use the calendar to coordinate your personal and professional activities. This will help you stay organized at all times. The March 2020 calendar can be downloaded for free, so you don’t need to spend anything. You can choose to download the template in Image or PDF format. It can be printed vertically or horizontally, so pick the most convenient option for you.

April 2020 Calendar

April is known as the 4th month of a given year in Gregorian calendar, fifth in early Julian and also first of the four months having 30-days length and 2nd of 5 months having length that is less than 31 days. This calendar month is often associated with autumn in some parts of Southern Hemisphere and also spring in some portions of Northern Hemisphere wherein it’s actually the seasonal equivalent of the month of October in Southern Hemisphere and vice versa. April printable calendar is now available to make managing your schedule easier and even better. Using this printable calendar is an excellent solution that certainly works well due to its personal touch and practicality. By using this April 2020 printable calendar, it will be highly possible for you to organize your schedule and your planned activities.

The printing option is ultimately easy. All you have to do is to click the print option and add activities, tasks and holidays that you wanted to remember. There are actually lots of activities and events as well as holiday celebrations all throughout the country so having this printable calendar is such a great advantage. You can use this calendar often and enjoy all the amazing benefits that come with it.

May 2020 Calendar

May is the 5th month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, and named after Maia, a Greek goddess of fertility. In Northern Hemisphere, May is spring time while in Southern Hemisphere, May is a time of autumn. Initially the 3rd month of the year, May was moved to the 5th month when January and February were included to the calendar May consists of 31 days. Native American ethnic groups called May, The Corn Planting Moon, The Full Flower Moon or The Milk Moon. Some believed that getting married during this month is a bad luck, as it is considered the wedding month of Greek Goddess and it will be extremely impolite to upstage them.

There are lots of festivals and memorable events celebrated during this month. Aside from International Worker’s Day, May also houses few other days too. The second Sunday of the month is celebrated as IMD or International Mother’s Day. Last Monday of the month is celebrated as Memorial Day. May five is Cinco de Mayo and on the 1st Sunday, Kentucky Derby is celebrated. To know more about the events and galas celebrated during this month, it is highly advisable to have a printable custom May 2020 calendar. This will help you keep things organized and know the latest happenings during the month May.

June 2020 Calendar

June was named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. It was also assumed that Juno will bring them prosperity and happiness if the wed in her month.

Annual Bath
In medieval times, people only bathed once a year. Bathing wasn’t considered a necessity. Yearly bathing was done during the last portion of May or early portion of June. Right away after bathing, lots of couple wed while they were still presentable and clean.

Fine Weather
June brings in warmer weather for an outdoor wedding. Everyone is also on holiday so it will be more convenient for visitors to partake of the celebration.

Bridal Flowers
A wide selection of flowers is available during this month. Flowers give off enough fragrance for the event and are sold cheaper in June.

All in all, June is not only the best month to get wed, this month is packed with remarkable events, sales as well as many others. This is also the best time to travel as many hotels are not crowded. There are so many things to do during this month. So, in order to not left behind it is essential to have a printable June 2020 Calendar. This will help keep your events organized.

July 2020 Calendar

July is the 7th month of the year in the Gregorian and Julian Calendars. It is the 4th of 7 months to have 31 days. The name July was derived from the Roman Senate in honor of Julius Caesar, a Roman general. Before this, July was called Quintills, being the 5th month of the ten-month calendar. On average, July is the warmest month in Northern Hemisphere, where it’s the 2nd month of summer. On the other hand, July is 2nd month of winter in Southern Hemisphere and also considered the coldest month. The 2nd half of the year starts in this month.

In catholic practice, July is the Month of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. On the other hand, July is also a month of special and wacky days such as World UFO Day, Independence Day in the US, National Bikini Day, National Fried Chicken Day and many others. You will never run out of things to do and see during this month. July can be a very challenging time to get job done. From summer holiday in the US, to extended vacation across Europe and Asia, you need a printable July 2020 calendar in order to keep your business fruitful.

August 2020 Calendar

Originally the 10th month in the Roman calendar, the month of August was the 6th month with thirty days. It was originally called Sextilis. Octavian Augustus was rewarded by the Roman Senate a month in his nobility. Octavian was the founder and the 1st Roman Empire emperor and he chose Sextilis that under the Julian calendar was the 8th month with the insertion of January and February.

There are no certified holidays celebrated during the month of August 2020. On the other hand, that does not stop many Americans from taking a holiday. This is the busiest month in the US. Most Americans go to the beach to relax. Some do mountain hiking while some just stay at home to spend time with the family. National Parks is bombarded by many visitors during this month as well. High temp in August for much of the US range in the 80 to 90 F and 100 degree temps aren’t uncommon in the southeast and southwest.

Keep your August activities organized by means of ordering a printable August 2020 Calendar. You can customize your August calendar by means of including your planned activities. Thus, it will be easier to check when the best to spend your activities with the whole family is.

September 2019 Calendar

September is the 9th month in the Gregorian and Julian calendars, the 3rd of four months that has 30 days. September is also the 4th of five months to have less than thirty one days. September in the northern hemisphere is the seasons comparable of March in the South Hemisphere. September is also the 1st month of the Fall or Autumn season. This is also the month that celebrates Constitution week. Professional and American college start during this month as well. A lot of kids start the school year in September.

During the month of September, the normal high temps for most cities in the US range from 21 degrees Celsius in San Francisco to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix. In Philadelphia and New York, September is the most comfortable month wherein the temperature falls around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and during night time the temperature falls around 60 degree Fahrenheit. September is the busiest time for parents as they preparing their kids for school. Likewise, September is likewise the perfect time to venture to a new business. It is very important to keep things organized. You need to list down the things you want to accomplish and printable September 2019 calendar can help you a lot with regards to this matter.,

Blank September 2019 Calendar

October 2019 Calendar

October is an amazing month to travel in the US. The hot and often flat wretched summer temperatures felt in most areas of the country have cooled down by this month. There are also some traditional autumn events and holidays in October which are worth traveling.

Average high temperatures in October soar in the 50s in the northern states, from Maine to Washington, and places in Northern Michigan and Upstate New York might even witness the first snowflakes of the season. If you wish excellent October 2019 calendar templates weather but prefer to stay away from the hurricane zone, you can head to the Southwest. Temperatures in the states in Southwestern won’t be hot like they’re in summer and nights won’t be cold like they’re in winter.

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Blank October 2019 Calendar